Investment Processes

We believe that long-term value creation is based on industry and operational expertise, rather than financial engineering. Each year, our investment team reviews a large number of potential investment opportunities — a small number of which ultimately become Shipston portfolio companies. Shipston conducts extensive due diligence to assess a company’s management team, market position, and growth prospects. Our investment professionals spend significant time with a company’s senior managers to understand both the opportunities and risks of the business.

The Shipston Factor

Under Michael Dingman’s leadership, Shipston offers a long history of expertise in securing and managing tens of billions in acquisitions combined with ingenuity in operations, turnarounds, restructurings, and underwritings. Shipston maintains a first-rate network with operating talent and relationships with leaders worldwide. This unique history, strength, and commitment are key to increasing equity value.

Management Insights

With the large number of international private equity funds and capital liquidity, management teams increasingly seek value-added investors, with assets and resources beyond investment capital. Shipston derives a competitive advantage through both its deep industry knowledge and management expertise — generating value through operational improvements. Supported by a network of industry experts, Shipston’s investment professionals have an in-depth understanding of the industry’s economic drivers, inherent risks, and opportunities for value creation.