Building the North American Platform

Starting as a private entity, the initial platform acquisition establishes a base onto which more operating businesses are added — increasing asset size and its capabilities, and, in the process, creating a stronger partner for its OEMs and suppliers.

Busche Overview

Busche Enterprise Division, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of computer numerical control (CNC) parts for the automotive, agricultural, construction, and industry markets. A high volume producer that has worked with clients including Ford Motor and Caterpillar Inc., their sales grew from $4 million in 1999 to nearly $100 million in 2011. CNC machining creates highly automated tools with functions controlled by programmed commands. During the production process, they use a full range of measuring instruments and techniques to ensure superior quality. As of 2015, Busche operates ten manufacturing facilities in Alabama and Indiana, in addition to specialized facilities for distribution, cold storage, and more. In November 2014, Shipston became the majority equity partner, which will give Busche the resources and capital they need to improve their products, expand their portfolio, and establish a strong global market.

Why Busche?

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  • Fast, Effective & Experienced

    • Management Team Engaged
    • ISO/TS 16949:2009
    • Historically On Time Delivery of 99.89%
    • World Class PPM's - Historical Average Below 50 PPM's
    • Operates with a "Sense of Urgency" - No matter how Small
    • 48-Hour Turn Around on "Machining Only" Quotes
    • Manufacturing Experience on Safety-Critical Components
  • Financial Stability - Privately Owned
  • Busche creates Processes to fit the needs of its Customers
  • In-House Tooling Capabilities Enhances Rapid Launch
  • Elite Workforce development program through on site Educational Center and psych-testing
  • Modular Concept Allows for Flexible Cells
  • Complete Manufacturing Solutions through in/out Sourcing
  • Non-Union - Employee Empowered to take Ownership
  • CHIPS Lean-Sigma Programs

    • Manufacturing Facilities -
    • nearly 800,000 sq. ft.
    • spread over 27 acres
    • Dedicated Training Center
    • On Site Metrology Lab
    • Warehouse
    • Distribution Center
    • Central Stores
    • 350+ Pieces of Flexible CNC
    • Equipment.
    • 700+ Employees
  • Policy Statements

    • Environmental Policy, Nick A. Busche, CEO/President
      Busche Environmental Policy established 11-01-2013 in conformance to ISO 14001:2004.
      Quality Policy, Established: March 23, 1999, Nick A. Busche, CEO/President
      The policy of BUSCHE is to continuously demonstrate our commitment to never ending improvement through the achievement of our organizational goals as they relate to the needs and expectation of our customers. BUSCHE strives to be in partnership with our customers, employees and owners for the profitability of all.
    • CNC Safety Policy, Established: May 19, 2003, Revised: July 18, 2013, Nick A. Busche
      Safety is everyone's responsibility. Safety is to be given primary importance in every aspect of planning and performing work on behalf of BUSCHE. BUSCHE'S goal is to prevent all industrial injury and illness.
    • Busche's Supplier Code of Ethics, CEO/President
      At Busche, we believe acting ethically and responsibly is not only the right thing to do, but also the right thing to do for our business. Busche has developed this Supplier Code of Conduct ("Supplier Code") to clarify our expectations in the areas of business integrity, labor practices, associate health and safety, and environmental management. Busche's Supplier Code is intended to complement the company's other policies and procedures.


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The Busche facilities include nearly 800,000 square feet of floor space spread over 27 acres of land in the Albion and Kendallville Indiana areas along with 48 acres in Hartselle, Alabama. Below is a breakdown of each facility's size and address follows:

  • Main Office and Plant III (43,100 sq. ft.) - 1563 E St Rd 8, Albion, IN

  • Plant II (25,485 sq. ft.) - 1563 E St Rd 8, Albion, IN

  • Plant IV (37,150 sq. ft.) - 600 S 7th Street, Albion, IN

  • Plant V (39,250 sq. ft.) - 1563 E St Rd 8, Albion, IN

  • Plant VI (59,760 sq. ft.) - 1514 Progress Dr., Albion, IN

  • Plant VII (60,050 sq. ft.) - 811 Commerce Dr. Kendallville, IN

  • Plant VIII (68,500 sq. ft.) - 1612 Progress Drive, Albion, IN

  • Plant IX (60,000 sq. ft.) - 1510 Progress Drive, Albion, IN

  • Plant X (263,000 sq. ft.) - 1641 Thompson Road, Hartselle, AL

  • Plant XI (84,075 sq. ft.) - 00 Progress Way West. Avilla, IN

  • Distribution Center (27,640 sq. ft.) - 1105 Weber Road, Albion, IN

  • Metrology Lab (3,640 sq. ft.) - 907 Weber Road, Albion, IN

  • Central Stores/MRO (3,200 sq. ft.)

  • Cold Storage Warehouse (10,200 sq. ft.)

  • Climate Controlled Warehouse (14,730 sq. ft.)

Busche Board of Directors

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MICHAEL DINGMAN: President of the Board

DAVID DINGMAN: Secretary of the Board

Mr. Dingman is deeply immersed in Busche's expansion strategy. A trusted leader in the industry with vast international expertise, Mr. Dingman is devoted to building Shipston’s U.S. Industrial Platform and dedicates significant time engaging with senior managers and operators to understand both the opportunities and risks of investments. Since 2010, he has also been actively involved in acquisition diligence and negotiations in China and heads the oversight process for Shipston’s China portfolio. Having lived in the country for substantial periods of time, Mr. Dingman is intimately familiar with China’s business culture and legal system. Mr. Dingman received an MBA from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College where he also studied history as an undergraduate.


Mr. Sangalis is the Managing Director of ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity group for ORIX USA, as well as a member of the company’s Investment Committee. His focus is on providing capital for buyouts and acquisitions, expansion of successful businesses, and recapitalizations. A founder and managing partner of both Capital Point Partners and RSTW Partners, he worked with First Texas Merchant Banking Group, Bankers Trust Company (now Deutsche Bank), and Bank of America. Additionally, he has been involved in over thirty public and private boards and advisory boards of directors. Mr. Sangalis received his MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation from the CFA Institute.


An accomplished global automotive executive and corporate officer, Sham Rushwin brings over three decades of international business experience in Asia, South America, and Europe to the United States. In business circles, he is held in high esteem for his expertise in continuous improvement and variability reduction using the Six Sigma methodology. Known for bringing unique, innovative perspectives to operations, he has led the successful design, construction, and launch of eight world-class manufacturing facilities. Mr. Rushwin teaches, or has served on the faculty, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University.


Mr. Busche is the founder and President of Busche Enterprise Division, a high volume computer numerical control machining operation. He has been an entrepreneur since 1989, when he founded his first company, Hi-Tech Corporation, which he grew from a business operating out of a pole-barn into a $7 million organization. In 1996, he sold Hi-Tech to the Citation Corporation. Thanks to his strong background in machining and rigorous quality control standards, Mr. Busche has attracted clients including Ford, ZF Industries, and Honeywell. He has been the recipient of Indiana’s Touchstone Award and nominated multiple times for the regional Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.