China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited

(Invested since 2007)

A leader in developing and operating over thirty K-12 schools and vocational educational institutions within China, Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) enrolls over 15,000 students and employs over 2,700 staff (including more than 400 international teachers). The company’s secondary education focuses on an international curriculum for students who are preparing for colleges in Canada, the United States, and other Western countries. In a market of huge demand for high quality education, Maple Leaf has become a national leader in bringing international standards to Chinese high school students. Since the investment, the company has expanded from Dalian to ten other major cities, including Wuhan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Zhenjiang, Ordos-Inner Mongolia, and Luoyang, Shanghai, Tianjin-Hua Yuan, and Pingdingshan. Over 6,500 students are registered as British Columbia offshore students in our seven international high schools and two foreign nationals schools, and there are forty schools in China including twelve preschools, nine elementary schools, ten middle schools, two foreign nationals schools, and seven high schools. 2014 saw over 1,400 graduates and 100% visa approvals for study overseas.

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Maple Leaf Education on November 28, 2014, under stock code 01317.HK, Maple Leaf is the first mainland, China-based foundational education company to be listed on the Hong Kong stock market.

Genscript Holdings (Cayman) Limited

(Invested Since 2009)

GenScript is the largest and fastest growing biology Contract Research Organization (CRO) in China, focusing exclusively on early drug development services. It uses an assembly-line mode to provide a one-stop solution to pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and research institutions—including Bio-Reagent, Bio-Assay, Lead Optimization, and Antibody Drug Development. Genscript’s high growth is based on its first mover advantage, high barriers to entry, China’s large talent pool of science and engineering students, and the growing demand to outsource pre-clinical drug development for time efficiency and cost effectiveness. Genscript is the most cited biology CRO in the world. More than 9,000 papers cite the service and products from GenScript as the largest gene synthesis capacity in the world with over 100 million bp/month — a record length fifty kb — with turnaround time as short as four business days.

On February 26, 2015, GenScript announced that they have entered into a non-exclusive license agreement with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to strengthen their existing GenCRISPR™ services portfolio with the set of extensive intellectual properties and technologies related to CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing systems from the Broad Institute.

Hubei Modern Balloch Development Co.

(Invested Since 2009)

Invited by the local Xiantao government, Shipston has partnered with a local real estate developer in Wuhan to build the Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City in the suburb of the economic and financial center of mid-China. Through the construction of this industrial park, which includes plans for both industrial and residential development, the local government anticipates a substantial boost to its economy by capitalizing on the industrial migration from developed countries and China’s coastal cities. The development has been constructed in phases to differently utilize capitol. So far, it has more than twenty Chinese and foreign enterprises set up their new facilities inside the park, including some well-known companies, such as Worthington Modern Steel Framing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (U.S.), Clearford Industrial (Canada), VolksLift (Germany), and more.

China Education & Technology Group Limited

(Invested Since 2010)

Located in Jinan, Shangdong Province, China Education & Technology Group Limited (“HiTeam”) is principally engaged in the private vocational and college education sector. HiTeam was built to address the challenges of conventional Chinese colleges—which tend to be run as state-owned businesses and are less responsive to student needs and the overall market conditions—that often fail to prepare students to find jobs upon graduation. With approximately 11,000 full-time students, faculty, and staff, HiTeam offers a unique college-level curriculum providing information technology courses enabling students to procure professional certifications primarily in the information technology field.

Luyuan Group Holding (Cayman) Limited

(Invested Since 2011)

Luyuan is a leader in China’s electric bicycle industry, which has seen exponential growth over the past ten years with units skyrocketing from zero to 20 million. The company offers 100 different vehicle models with a variety of personal transportation and commercial uses. China now has approximately 120 million e-bikes on the roads, helping China to address the pervasive complexities of increasing oil consumption, environment pollution, and the tremendous need for better mobility for its 1.3 billion people. With technology breakthroughs in batteries, motors, and controllers, the electric bicycle’s high growth is being driven by increased reliability and affordability, as it replaces gas motorcycles and bicycles. In China, an e-bike is priced, on average, around $200–$400 each, and it costs only one tenth of the energy consumed by gas motorcycles. Currently, the Chinese market remains fragmented with huge consolidation opportunities. Domestic and international growth remains significant as individuals become more sensitive to the environmental impact of transportation and the economic impact of increasing oil.