Tuesday July 19, 2016

Steven Shulman Named Head of Shipston Equity Holdings’ Acquisitions Advisory Board

Source: BusinessWire

HAMPTON, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Shipston Equity Holdings, a leading private investing firm specializing in the industrial sector, today announced that Steven Shulman has joined the company to chair the newly formed Acquisitions and Capital Allocation Committee.

The Committee bolsters Shipston’s efforts to create a diverse, multi-industry platform while continuing to seek attractive investment opportunities in high-quality companies and entrepreneurial businesses.

As managing director, Mr. Shulman will direct the Committee as it seeks to identify diversification opportunities and unlock potential growth within existing business verticals. Under Mr. Shulman, the Committee also will develop long-term strategic plans, and actively explore new investment opportunities. Mr. Shulman will report directly to President and CEO Michael Dingman and operate out of the firm’s U.S. corporate headquarters in Hampton, New Hampshire.

“I am delighted to welcome Steve, who brings more than five decades of investment banking, private equity and executive experience to Shipston,” said Michael Dingman, President and CEO of Shipston Equity Holdings. “Steve’s broad range of banking and investing experience will help position Shipston for future growth and strengthen our efforts to create long-term value for our investors.”

Mr. Shulman’s career extends across a number of sectors, including the auto, materials and manufacturing sectors. In addition to his role with Shipston, he serves as an advisor to various private equity groups, including Trimaran Capital Partners, AUA Private Equity Partners and Solace Capital Partners. Since 1984 he has been president of The Hampton Group, his wholly owned company, in which capacity he has been active as an investment banker, investor and Board member of a large number of companies both public and private, including Ermanco, a material handling company and Cyterra, the largest manufacturer of land mine detection equipment. He is a director of GeNO LLC and MTI, two medical device manufacturers, and Ark Restaurants, a publicly traded restaurant holding company.

Mr. Shulman graduated from Stevens Institute of Technology in 1962 and received his MS degree in 1963. In 2002 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the university.

Tuesday November 11, 2014

Acquisition Fuels Busche's Growth

Source: Noble County Economic Development Corporation

Article by Barry Rochford of The News Sun.

Shipston Equity Holdings LLC has acquired a majority ownership stake in Busche Enterprise Division Inc., which President and CEO Nick Busche said will help the Albion-based company’s future growth plans.

No personnel or leadership changes are expected as a result of the deal announced Monday. Busche Enterprise Division employs about 590 at its Indiana operations and another 70 in Alabama, Nick Busche said.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Founded in 1997 by Nick Busche, Busche Enterprise Division focuses on computer numerical control production machining for automotive, agricultural, construction and industrial customers. It also offers project management integration of customized workholding solutions, according to an announcement.

Shipston Equity is part of Bahamas-based Shipston Group Ltd., which is majority owned by Chairman and CEO Michael Dingman. The former chairman and CEO of the Henley Group, which went through a then-record $1.2 billion initial public offering in 1986, and a former director at Ford Motor Co. and Time Warner Inc., Dingman launched Shipston Group with other investors. The private-equity company has primarily invested in Russian and Chinese ventures.

Under the deal that closed Friday, Dingman will be majority owner of Busche Enterprise Division, and Nick Busche will continue as president and CEO.

“He definitely is the right partner for me right now,” Nick Busche said of Dingman.

“We are fortunate to partner with Nick and his entire management team in the next phase of growth with this tremendous company,” Dingman said in an announcement. “We share fundamental principles in valuing employees, customers and suppliers. Under Nick’s continuing leadership, we intend to pursue an aggressive expansion for the long term support of our customers.

“On the broader front, I see growth opportunities that are very similar to those that I experienced with the Henley Group, empowering topflight operational management with substantial equity firepower and proper financial expertise, which will really allow Busche to make waves across the sector.”

Nick Busche said Busche Enterprise Division had been looking for financial partners for a few years, and he was introduced to Shipston Group in February. With its backing, Busche Enterprise Division can focus on growth — through its existing business and through potential acquisitions.

“That’s all it’s about,” Nick Busche said of the deal. “It’s definitely putting the nitro in the gas tank.”

He said employment at Busche Enterprise Division’s Hartselle, Alabama, facility is expected to double over the next year. He also said the company is looking at opening another Indiana facility.

Other private-equity investors involved in the deal were ORIX USA, Oakmont Group and Shea Ventures. Senior financing was provided through Comerica Bank.

“We are pleased to be investing in such a fine company and management team,” Jeff Sangalis, managing director of ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity, said in the announcement. “We are also particularly excited about the opportunity to team with Shipston, which is ideally suited to assist the Busche management team in taking advantage of the substantial growth opportunities ahead.”

Monday November 10, 2014

Shipston Equity Holdings Acquires Busche Enterprise Division

Source: Yahoo Finance

HAMPTON, N.H., Nov. 10, 2014 - PRNewswire - Shipston Equity Holdings, LLC. (Shipston), a privately owned company, today announced the acquisition of Busche Enterprise Division, Inc. (Busche), a leading computer numerical control production machining company. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Busche specializes in precision production machining for automotive, agriculture, construction and industrial markets. The company also provides project management integration of customized workholding solutions. Founded in 1997 by Nick A. Busche, the company employs 650 people at manufacturing operations in Indiana and Alabama.

Shipston Chairman and CEO Michael Dingman, the majority shareholder, is a leading international industrialist known largely for his accomplishments in forming and leading several diversified companies. In addition, he has served on numerous boards, most notably Ford Motor Company for 23 years.

"We are fortunate to partner with Nick and his entire management team in the next phase of growth with this tremendous company," Dingman said. "We share fundamental principles in valuing employees, customers and suppliers. Under Nick's continuing leadership, we intend to pursue an aggressive expansion for the long term support of our customers. On the broader front, I see growth opportunities that are very similar to those that I experienced with the Henley Group, empowering topflight operational management with substantial equity firepower, and proper financial expertise, which will really allow Busche to makes waves across the sector."  

Under the agreement, Dingman will be majority shareholder, while Busche will continue as CEO and president of Busche.

"I'm very pleased to be joining Shipston," Busche said. "Our values are closely aligned and our focus on long term operating fundamentals and growth makes a really powerful combination. Now, under the Shipston umbrella, plans are a foot to make substantial commitments to increasing capacity and work has already begun on significant expansion in Indiana and elsewhere. All of this will allow Busche to continue to grow as an industry leader."

Dingman also named financial partners as key to the acquisition and future growth of the company, citing ORIX Americas, Oakmont Group, and Shea Ventures. Senior financing was provided by Comerica Bank, which has a long history across the manufacturing sector. Reed Smith LLP was legal counsel to Shipston in this transaction.

"We are pleased to be investing in such a fine company and management team," said Jeff Sangalis, managing director of ORIX Mezzanine & Private Equity. "We are also particularly excited about the opportunity to team with Shipston, which is ideally suited to assist the Busche management team in taking advantage of the substantial growth opportunities ahead."

Dingman is well-known for success founding growth companies, including the Henley Group, Fisher Scientific, Allied Signal, Signal, and Wheelabrator Frye. The Henley Group was founded through an IPO, the largest of its time, and the company's operating units, widely known as "Dingman's Dogs," achieved notable success.

"The combination of a great operating team and our financial partners will provide the building blocks for future growth and acquisitions in this industry sector," Dingman said of Busche. "My objective is to make this my most successful investment and position it for a solid future through acquisitions like my operating team did with Henley, Fisher Scientific and Wheelabrator."

Friday August 26, 2011

Private Development Zone Becoming The Economy Excitement of Hubei Province

Source: China Business Times

According to the person who’s in charge the project from the government: since June, 2009, Hubei Modern Urban Construction Group, a joint Canadian Balloch Group, and the Xiantao Municipal People’s Government signed a “Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City” co-operation agreement. Mr. Zhao Xiaoyong the Chairman of Hubei Province Federation of Industry and the member of CPPCC National Committee, proposed the idea of “ The Economy Excitement of Hubei”. In the report to the Hubei Provincial Party Committee Secretary Mr. Li Hongzhong, he mentioned the” Modern Sino – Canada Science and Technology City” is one of the economy excitement of Hubei.

June 30th, with China’s largest aquaculture company “Tong Wei Group” from Sichuan and a number of “Fortune Global 500 companies” settled in Hubei “Sino – Canada Science and Technology City “, a private company invested 30 billion yuan, full participation in the construction, life-long service project, together management zone to a new investment model in Hubei Xiantao successfully operate. Take advantage of government policy, use the business to attract the investment, joint venture and equity participation with the common development, assured stationed in business investment, to concentrate on development and common benefit. CPPCC Standing Committee, Hubei Province Federation of Industry Chairman Zhao Xiaoyong believes that only the entrepreneurs can truly understand the investors, the Sino – Canadian Science and Technology City in Hubei Province has build the economy of excitement, to make up for lack of many government-run zone, which is a government, operating companies, investment companies, three-way win-win investment business model, so that the maximum value of the land to play.

According to the government official: since June, 2009, Hubei Modern Urban Construction Group, a joint Canadian Balloch Group, and Xiantao Municipal People’s Government signed a “modern Sino -Canada Science and Technology City” co-operation agreement. Under the agreement, the” Modern Sino-Canada Science and Technology City” covers an area more than 3,000 Mu(about 200 hectare), with a total construction area will reach 260 million square meters, total investment of 30 billion, leading industry position as a modern building science and technology industrial park, bio-technology industrial park, water, food and agricultural products processing industrial park, textile garment and textile industry park. This project created a private company funded the construction, service, management development zone of its kind project in strict accordance with government planning features and functions of the orientation zone. Government Development staff assigned to companies based on the need to do full service.

As the investment enterprise, Hubei Modern Urban Construction Group was founded in 1997, is a company who does investment, urban construction, industrial real estate, property management, construction supervision, building material trade, investment guarantees, the simultaneous development of the modern joint-stock enterprise group. The chairman of the company who’s also the CPPCC Standing Committee of Wuhan and the Vice Chairman of Wuhan introduction Federation Mr. You Shouben said: “We can fully understand the needs of investors, companies will be settled based on the volume of investment intensity and the rate determining land value, the investment intensity of the companies can even get free land, the difficulty of financing for the private enterprises, we can solve the problem through the investment guarantees, the company has successfully invested in hand a number of internationally renowned companies, such as the world’s largest building light steel pressure vessel and the U.S. Steel manufacturing company Huaxin Burton Group (WorthingtonIndustries), Canadian Stock Exchange listed companies Collier Ford, Beijing Shenan investment Group, the world’s leading elevator manufacturing, photonics, food processing, bio-engineering companies. Truly did use the business to attract investment, so that land maximize the value of project will provide for the Xiantao City 30 billion yuan in taxes and to provide at least 30,000 -50,000 jobs. “

Sichuan Tongwei Group the secretary of the Board Li Gaofei told reporters: “Tong Wei Group, in the country has dozens of city development zone investment, as China’s leading enterprises listed aquaculture company, has experienced a number of investment projects, the reason settled in Hubei Sino-Canadian investment city is based on two considerations: First, Hubei market needs, because the largest freshwater fish breeding base in Hubei; Second, “Sino-Canada science and technology city”create by private enterprises to invest to solve the low efficiency of government agencies, personnel frequent changes, many problems of human uncertainty. In the past when the investment is often exciting, the building of not admit, but the “city” is adding technology investment experts, to business investment, the investor communication is very easy between the two sides, everyones goal is for early production, early benefit, only the entrepreneurs think that the corporate profitability was most concerned. The sense of responsibility to the investment it’s use the interest-driven, rather than a moral and form, we feel that this investment, construction, management, service-stop mode, so that the largest benefit to the government.

The first person who ever proposed Hubei economy excitement – the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, Hubei Province Federation of Industry Chairman Zhao Xiaoyong, his letter to the secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee Li Hongzhong the report added in modern science and technology will be one of the economy excitement of Hubei. He said: During”The Twelve Five Year Plan” period, competition and cooperation are two major characteristics of regional economic development, regional economic development continue to maintain the vitality and power, the economy should continue to create excitement. By the government to lead and support the development of cultural industry innovation and development of tourism economy, market innovation and cluster development, innovation of the cooperation between the foreign enterprises and Chinese companies, in this four areas to create market excitement, the investment excitement, culture, excitement and travel excitement. Hubei Province Federation of Service and the promotion of “Sino-Canada Science and Technology City”, “Xiaogan Canada Industrial Park”, “eco-cultural Hanchuan Chen Hu Park”, “Grand View cultural Garden in Wuhan” construction of four major scientific and cultural industrial park, is to practice the provincial government proposed to run “service desk”, as a good “servicer”; is to “create a pro-business, profit business, business to stay, warm providers, understand business, humanities cultural soft environment for the central healthy economic prosperity and development.


Wednesday August 10, 2011

Genscript received $15 million investment for the expansion of biomedical R & D outsourcing services

Source: Genscript

Abstract: KPCB China Fund, bring Balloch Healthcare Investment Group, recently completed in the biomedical R & D outsourcing company Genscript Co., Ltd. (Jinsi Te Technology Co., Ltd.) of $ 15 million investment.

PISCATAWAY, 23rd Jun 2009: Genscript Co., Ltd. announced today: The company’s successfully from KPCB (KPCB) and Balloch China Healthcare Fund Investment Group (TBIG Healthcare) to obtained $ 15 million investment. As a leading international biotechnology company and biomedical research and development services outsourcing company, Genscript will increase R & D investment to further improve the level of bio-technology services, expansion of production capacity, optimization, and channels to enhance brand building, and make the company to become a pharmaceutical research and development outsourcing services leader in the field.

Genscript’s, co-founder and CEO Dr. Zhang Fang Liang said: “The KPCB and Balloch Healthcare Investment Group’s investment highly recognized our company’s business development vision with research and development of our technology through cost savings and shorten the drug development cycle, thus speeding up the drug development process in biological pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing company; also it confirmed our company’s industrial strategy, which is provide the high-quality, low cost, highly integrated power of pharmaceutical R & D services to pharmaceutical R & D industry to reform the existing process.

Genscript was founded in 2002, is a global scale and has a leading position in biotechnology and biomedical research and development services company and outsourcing company. The company co-founder Dr. Zhang Fang Liang, Dr. Wang Luquan and Miss Wang Ye have graduated from the internationally renowned institutions in their respective area of research has made remarkable achievements, they also has many years of experience in corporate services and management. Since its establishment, the company has been set up the biological research reagents, drug screening, drug targets and optimize antibody drug development of four service platforms. Genscript headquartered in New Jersey, Piscataway, also has branches in China, France and Japan, In the year of 2004, the company registered in Nanjing with Genscript (Nanjing) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., in 2009 the company established the Jin Sikang (Nanking) subsidiary.

Balloch Healthcare Investment Group (TBIG) is the subordinate branch of Balloch Group ( TBG ), jointly owned by Shipston Group Ltd. (SGL) TBG is a national and international company in China to provide marketing consulting services and commercial banking business, and in 2008 was voted the” Best Group of China” as a new investment bank. Shipsotn Group has been doing their business in China since 2005, the Vice-Chairman of the company, Hand Nordhoff who has been served as CEO of Gen-Probe in the United States. He is also the current leadership of TBIG and the consultant of TBG. Shipston Group founder Mr. Michael Dingman, was the CEO of Fisher Scientific International and he has been active in the healthcare industry for over 20 years.

Wednesday August 10, 2011

Shipston Healthcare Fund — Escort Your Life

Source: Hebei Hanwei Exhibition Services, Ltd.

After decades of construction and development, China’s medical device industry layout and industrial structure are being more reasonable, a gradually increased in concentration of production, the industry economies of scale are expanded, new technologies and new products are emerging. Medical device industry has gradually become an important part of the advanced manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, as economic development, the increased of the investment in health and aging population, also the state of medical devices technology innovation with the vigorous support, the medical equipment industry has a great potential in the next 10 to 15 years will usher in rapid development of the “gold period.”

Hebei Medical Equipment Fair 2011 is committed to promoting common development of the medical devices, based on making full use of policy and information resources to promoting the new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, and the transformation, industrialization of the new equipment. To promoting the technological advance in the medical devices industry, and create one user platform for the exhibitors and the hospitals. During the Fair, Shipston Group will launched a new healthcare financing, with its innovative services and improve promotion, is going to win the majority of exhibitors attention and cooperation.

Shipston Group is an international venture capital company, the founder and decision makers of the company are all the former originator and CEO of large enterprises from the United States. Shipston Group opened an office in Beijing. Fort flight team of investment through the past years to cultivate a worldwide network of industry experts, they all have a profound understanding of the issue for the industry risks and opportunities. One of the advantages of Shipston Group is to improve the global industry experience and operational skills for the enterprises.

Michael Dingman, the president of Shipston Group, aged 74, has led several large U.S. companies, and served as Chairman of the Board, CEO or president. These companies include Wheelabrator-Frye company, AlliedSignal Inc. and Henry Group and so on. Senior partner of the company, Henry Nordhoff who’s the CEO of Gen-Probe since 1994. GEN-PROBE produce of genetic diagnostic equipment and products, nearly $ 3 billion market capitalization of listed company. In addition, Mr. Nordhoff also served as senior executives for Pfizer in Europe and Asia.

“Shipston China Healthcare Fund” is invested by Shipston Group to focus on healthcare  market in China, their investment focus on diagnostics, medical devices, bio-pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing, bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing outsourcing, the growth of generic drug companies, etc.