(Invested Since 2011)

Luyuan Group Holding (Cayman) Limited

Luyuan is a leader in China’s electric bicycle industry, which has seen exponential growth over the past ten years with units skyrocketing from zero to 20 million. The company offers 100 different vehicle models with a variety of personal transportation and commercial uses. China now has approximately 120 million e-bikes on the roads, helping China to address the pervasive complexities of increasing oil consumption, environment pollution, and the tremendous need for better mobility for its 1.3 billion people. With technology breakthroughs in batteries, motors, and controllers, the electric bicycle’s high growth is being driven by increased reliability and affordability, as it replaces gas motorcycles and bicycles. In China, an e-bike is priced, on average, around $200–$400 each, and it costs only one tenth of the energy consumed by gas motorcycles. Currently, the Chinese market remains fragmented with huge consolidation opportunities. Domestic and international growth remains significant as individuals become more sensitive to the environmental impact of transportation and the economic impact of increasing oil.

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