(Invested since 2007)

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited

A leader in developing and operating over thirty K-12 schools and vocational educational institutions within China, Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) enrolls over 15,000 students and employs over 2,700 staff (including more than 400 international teachers). The company’s secondary education focuses on an international curriculum for students who are preparing for colleges in Canada, the United States, and other Western countries. In a market of huge demand for high quality education, Maple Leaf has become a national leader in bringing international standards to Chinese high school students. Since the investment, the company has expanded from Dalian to ten other major cities, including Wuhan, Chongqing, Tianjin, Zhenjiang, Ordos-Inner Mongolia, and Luoyang, Shanghai, Tianjin-Hua Yuan, and Pingdingshan. Over 6,500 students are registered as British Columbia offshore students in our seven international high schools and two foreign nationals schools, and there are forty schools in China including twelve preschools, nine elementary schools, ten middle schools, two foreign nationals schools, and seven high schools. 2014 saw over 1,400 graduates and 100% visa approvals for study overseas.

Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as Maple Leaf Education on November 28, 2014, under stock code 01317.HK, Maple Leaf is the first mainland, China-based foundational education company to be listed on the Hong Kong stock market.

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