For over a decade, Shipston has been investing in China, and through its Beijing–based representative office, Shipston identifies investment opportunities in P.R. China while focusing on a number of key industries, which has resulted in investments in education, healthcare, industrial manufacturing, energy, transportation, and Biotech. Shipston’s investments in China have been exclusively focused on China-for-China opportunities in sectors that will continue to benefit from the continued expansion of the Chinese middle class.

Shipston’s investments include: a leading electric bicycle manufacture; a provider of custom gene synthetics and biology CRO focusing on drug delivery and development services; an IT focused college education business; and operations of K-12 schools and vocational education schools with an international curriculum for students preparing for colleges in Canada, the United States, and other Western countries. These companies have enjoyed outstanding growth and performance, and several of Shipston’s portfolio companies have successfully navigated a public listing and continue to create significant shareholder value.

Through its office in Beijing and deep-rooted presence, Shipston enjoys a substantial flow of opportunities, and continues to be a powerful partner for Chinese entrepreneurs seeking a long-term partner.