Shipston Group, LTD is an international Investment firm founded in 1996 by Michael D. Dingman, investor, businessman, and industrialist of over 60 years. Led by Mr. Dingman, who Fortune once named “dealmaker extraordinaire,” Shipston’s strategy is to invest smartly based on industry, operational knowledge, and strong, experienced management teams. Identifying companies with strong market position and growth potential, Shipston uses its considerable investment capital, operating expertise, and extensive business network to assist portfolio companies in designing and implementing plans for improving operations and efficiency.

Unlike traditional Private Equity firms, Shipston Group does not have Limited Partners and is not constrained by investment holding periods or defined by IRR. Shipston’s investment strategy has been largely based on taking positions in great people and developing management with an aligned, long-term value creation vision. While the firm invests and operates business internationally and domestically, Shipston’s culture remains consistent no matter the geography and is core to its continued success.

As Dingman’s investment vehicle in international markets since 1994, Shipston has held a number of diversified investments in the United States, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, and China—with extensive experience generating and leading investments through acquisitions, initial public offerings, and complex corporate transactions that involve transforming operating units into new public ownership structures, The company first began investing in emerging markets, emphasizing restructuring opportunities in Russia during the country’s privatization of industry which led the firm to become an early investor in the country’s largest investment bank and one of its top oil companies.

In 2005, Shipston Group began investing heavily in the People’s Republic of China and today has representative offices in Beijing and Nanjing, through which it seeks to identify investment opportunities. Having been investing in China for ten years, and with a Beijing-based office, Shipston has developed a deep understanding and comfort in making investments in China-based companies. With a focus on internal growth, Shipston has invested in a variety of industries in China, including biotech, clean energy and transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, natural resources, and real estate.

In 2014, the firm began devoting more resources to investment opportunities in the United States. Shipston’s heritage in Industrial-based businesses is its foundation—responsibly capitalizing businesses-to-fuel sustainable growth with a concentration in long-term value creation. Busche is the first investment, and along with organic growth and further acquisitions, the overall objective is expansion into long-term industry leadership, positioned to provide the necessary support as a relevant supplier and partner to its customers.

Shipston Group’s overarching vision maintains a group of operating companies established through acquisitions at once developed further through continuing investment to support organic and long-term sustainable growth. As such, the firm reasonably expects to achieve scale in the area exceeding $1.0 billion in revenues. Shipston is positioned to add more equity to fuel growth from acquisitions and other operating requirements.